Cannabis & CBD Advertising Now Allowed on Facebook Ads

Cannabis & CBD Advertising Now Allowed on Facebook Ads

Karl Latkovic

Having a successful brand presence is difficult without a strong marketing and advertising strategy. In today's digital age, online advertising is at the forefront of many businesses marketing plans due to the sheer impact it has at reaching a specific target audience on a large scale. For the cannabis industry, online advertising restrictions have made it near impossible for businesses to take advantage of popular online advertising channels such as Facebook Ads - until now.

As of recent, Facebook has eased its restrictions on some CBD and cannabis-related products!

If you are dying to finally start advertising CBD and cannabis-related products online through Facebook and Instagram, Transpera can help you make it happen. Transpera is excited to be one of the first marketing agencies in North America offering Facebook Advertising services for the cannabis industry.

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With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada and the rapidly growing CBD industry in both Canada and the U.S, Facebook 's cannabis advertising policy shift comes at no surprise. The cannabis industry is estimated to be worth over $5-billion by 2021; this number will only continue to rise as more U.S states begin to decriminalize recreational use and cannabis advertising restrictions continue to dwindle.

All activities of marketers in Canada must work within exceptions provided by the Cannabis Act.

General Prohibitions Include:

1. Communicating information about its price or distribution

2. Appealing to young persons

3. Testimonial or endorsement

4. Depiction of a person, character, or animal, whether real or fictional

5. Evokes a positive or negative emotion or ‘way of life’ such as one that includes glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring

General prohibitions provided by the Canadian Marketing Association via the Cannabis Act.


Karl Latkovic
Karl Latkovic
Transpera Technologies Inc.