How to Find Your Google Ads Customer ID in 2019

How to Find Your Google Ads Customer ID in 2019

Karl Latkovic

The Google Ads Customer ID is a ten-digit code which is assigned to each-and-every Google Ads account. Your Customer ID is required when speaking to the Google Ads support team and when linking your Ads account to other Google products such as Google Analytics.

If you are working with a digital advertising agency, such as Transpera, your Customer ID will be required to link your account and campaigns to our agency manager account. This way, we will be able to view and optimize your campaigns without having to log in to your personal Google account.

Where to Find Your Google Ads Customer ID

The process in finding your Google Ads Customer ID will differ based on your account settings.

Regardless, the first step is simply logging into your account through

If you forgot your Google account credentials, click here .

Google Ads Account Selection Page

Once logged in, you may be directed to an account selection page where you can select your Google Ads account.

In this case, your 10-digit Customer ID will be found on the right side of the selection box


If you see more than one Customer ID, like the photo-example above, this is due to your Google account having access to more than one Google Ads account.

Select the Account/Customer ID that has the campaign(s) you are wanting to work with.

AdWords Express / ‘Start Advertising’ Page

If you have ever ran AdWords Express ads or have a Google My Business profile, you may be directed to a page similar to the examples below.



Click on the three-dots on the top right corner of your screen and select 'View in AdWords'.


Updated Google Ads UI

Following the July 2018 Google AdWords rebrand, your Customer ID can be found at the top right of your screen, below your Google profile photo.


Alternatively, at the left corner of your screen, next to the Google Ads logo, there is a new Accounts & Campaigns drop-down menu where your Customer ID is also shown.


Clicking on this drop-down menu will show your Google Ads Manager Account Customer ID (if you have a manager account) and all other account Customer ID’s you are managing.



We hope you managed to find your Google Ads Customer ID!

If you were unsuccessful, feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to help you out.

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Karl Latkovic
Karl Latkovic
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