Gym Marketing: 6 Winning Strategies to Marketing Your Gym

Gym Marketing: 6 Winning Strategies to Marketing Your Gym

Ryan Mitchell

Marketing your gym online is one of the surest ways to engage with your current clientele and attract new members. Aside from offline marketing strategies to boost membership and keep your clients returning, digital marketing offers innovative solutions for increasing traction to your gym.

This article offers several marketing tips for anyone seeking to improve their gym's online presence and keep new customers coming.

User-Friendly Website

Creating and maintaining your gyms website should be a top priority before promoting your classes and services. An easily navigable site with clearly displayed features, including membership types, rates, and the facilities and programs at the forefront will make a great first impression for your gym.

Here are a few website elements that your future visitors will be looking for.

Photos & Videos

Potential members will be looking for visual evidence that your facility offers what you say it does. Show off your clubs' equipment, weight rooms, cardio and other amenities with up to date photos and video. If you have a CrossFit Zone, running track, boxing ring or any other special rooms or classes that set your facility apart from other gyms, help users see them with well-lit professionally taken photos.


Source: Planet Fitness

Up-To-Date Gym Schedule

Having fitness class schedules and calendars posted on your site will be very helpful for clients as well as staff, to keep track of the latest fitness offerings at your facility. Make sure that the names, times and location of classes are clear and keep track of their attendance rates to determine which programs are most popular.

Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Another winning feature to add to your site are real customer reviews from current or past members, as well as testimonials from members who have accomplished significant health improvements since joining your gym. Including customer feedback and if possible, including the respective member's photos, can greatly increase morale and inspire members to keep returning to your gym to meet their own fitness goals.


Source: F45 Training 

Emphasize your gym's welcoming environment and experienced staff so that members can be reassured they will receive an excellent customer service experience.

Pricing Transparency

Current gym members and potential new customers alike will appreciate knowing the price breakdown of membership fees at your gym. Help them to visualize any and all associated fees to ensure that customers are not surprised with hidden fees later on.


Source: Fit Factory Fitness

List any limitations that membership options face, as well as what options members have to switch to a different membership type if they so choose. Providing members with the freedom to choose their program and customize it with additional courses or private lessons will help them to organize their time and schedule, and their likelihood to regularly attend.

Gym Social Media Strategies & Approaches

Daily posts are a way to keep followers up to date on gym events. Posts can include new additions to your gym or, you could simply re-post member's content!

Your gym can benefit from frequent posts across your social media platforms such as the following:

  • Notices and promotions posted to your gym's social pages.
  • New equipment or facility offerings can be shared with your gym's Instagram page and tag gym member and staff accounts to get greater visibility
  • Major deals or new promotions should appear at the top of your web page to ensure greater self-promotion

Remember to practice brand consistency for all the social media content your gym takes part in. Making sure your gym's name, logo and slogans are the same for Facebook, Instagram, as well as your website, email domain and other social media channels. This will help simplify how members reach out to you and solidify your brand online.

Don't wait for the new year's resolution bump to start your promotions or digital campaigns, get a jump start before the holiday season. Running promotions on social media will keep followers attentive to new posts and offerings.

Offer Trial Periods

Many gyms offer trial periods for new members to encourage a greater membership rate, however choosing to offer a single free day, a week or even a month can encourage new members to test out your facility to see what works for them.


Source:Vive Fitness

Start a Referral Program

Referrals can be a great way to encourage members to sign up with their friends, or to bring in new members once they have become regular attendees of your facility. This is an organic marketing practice where new members can find and join your gym without you having to search for them! To help facilitate this process, make sure to offer gym benefits or discounted rates for members who refer your gym to their friends and family.


Source: BigHit 

Use Your Club Space as an Event Space

Having a gym means you have an excellent venue to host gym-related events that members, visitors and staff can participate in! Keep your gym space exciting by hosting holiday events, staff birthdays as well as member appreciation days.

These special occasions where you can make part of your gym into an event space are with some simple decorations (e.g. balloons, banners) will go a long way in making members feel appreciated and at home at your facility.

Get creative with your event ideas by adding interactive features such as prize wheels for members to spin, raffles or lottery draws with exciting rewards to keep members engaged and interested in the promotion. Perhaps throw in small and large prizes ranging from gym stickers or pens all the way to free gym merchandise or free month passes to get as many people as possible interested. This will benefit the gym itself, as handing out merchandise as prizes is a way to get greater promotion of your facility outside of your gym. Let your members help with some free advertising!

Naturally, you will want to promote any event that you host at your gym on all possible social media, to reach as wide an audience as possible and entice people to participate.


The practical digital marketing tips shared in this article are just a few of the possibilities available for your gym to gain greater exposure and interest online. Practicing these and other strategies will quickly translate into wider exposure and greater interest for your business, leading to higher membership rates and turnout. In order to get the most out of digital marketing for your business, many gym work with digital marketing agencies like Transpera to meet their marketing needs. Contracting a professional marketing agency will ensure that your fitness facility reaches its full potential and audience at affordable rates and with experienced services.

Ryan Mitchell
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