5 Tips to Engage Your Video Production Audience Online

5 Tips to Engage Your Video Production Audience Online

Ryan Mitchell



Professional videography is in-demand more than ever, with media content online supporting more visual and engaging means of communication.


One of the best ways to increase the visibility and customer experience of your video production business is to successfully market your business to your clients online. You will be able to reach a wider audience and provide them with a great impression of your work before even meeting in person or making that first phone call. Have your video production business rise up to the challenge of distinguishing itself online from other companies by following these straightforward suggestions to establish your videography business as up-to-date, reliable and versatile. This article features 6 tips to further promote your video production company and surpass the expectations of your clients in order to gain their long-term satisfaction and business. 

Showcase your Work Portfolio on your Website

If someone is reading your videography business’ website, chances are they are interested in seeing your work, and this is your chance to highlight your highest quality video productions and sampled projects! This step should never be taken for granted since if there is a lack of fresh project work and professional content shared on your website to showcase your work, there is a chance that potential clients will look elsewhere. Provide helpful links in easily visible spaces to let visitors view your content by directly posting photos and of course, moving media on your site. Doing this will demonstrate your company’s professional ability and showcase your extensive project history. You can organize your video galleries by theme, style or however else you would like. Certain websites will have videos auto-play while scrolling through the page, while others have stationary videos that only play once you click on them or hover your mouse on them. One way to display your video galleries is to group your posted projects by broader themes (e.g. wedding, or corporate video projects) and then have each subject ‘clickable’ to take you to longer list pages with those themed type projects.  


Clicking on the Corporate gallery selection, for instance, will help customers most interested in hiring a video production company for their office’s new video find examples of your work for other corporate clients.  

The more examples you have to showcase, the better! Let your clients know that you have extensive experience for a diverse clientele so they are more likely to reach out to you to handle their next video production project. You can even bolster your portfolio by adding video clip, satisfied customer quotations, and brief project descriptions, for each project listed in your website’s video portfolio.

Find your Specialty 

Try to learn what content draws out your inspiration as a freelance videographer or video production company; is it covering festive events, birthdays, parties, weddings or is it shooting portrait photography for students, professionals or something altogether different? You will have a far easier time connecting with customers as they search around online to find the perfect photographer if your website and social media conveys your business’ greatest strengths and best projects to date. 


This does not mean to stick to only what you know! Always be looking to broaden your business’ portfolio by approaching interesting opportunities and searching for contacts in different photographic fields. Over time this will help diversify your overall content and assure clients that your business is well-experienced in providing photography services for any shoot or project that they may need your services for. Get direct feedback by posting a comment board on your website for clients to leave suggestions or reviews on their experiences with your company’s services, and encourage customers to express what video production services are most in-demand in your area to know how best to market your company online. 

Share on Social Media 

Promoting your video production company on social media is an extremely useful tool to get your name and brand out there online. Digitally expand your company’s online presence by creating official accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and more. Having these services at your disposal will provide you with platforms to share the latest and greatest visual content other updates that you have to share. Many customers find out about new services and businesses through social media these days, so make sure clients are able to locate you on all of the main social media channels. Establish consistent branding across your channels by posting relevant video production content to your social media including any promotions you are running, sharing new projects or other updates when you are interested in hearing greater feedback from clients. 


Regularly posting content to your social media will convey to customers that your business is active, engaged and available. While it is your choice to share your content how you like, know that many customers follow a great deal of social media accounts already so daily posts may get to be repetitive. Instead, post fresh content whenever you feel your company has something to share or wish to get feedback on a particular project, question or topic of your choosing. This will make your business’ social media presence more focused and keeps your postings in a good, professional light in your clients eyes. 

With such a visual medium as video production at your creative fingertips, get creative with how and where you make your social media postings to. For instance, LinkedIn may be a better choice if you wish to showcase your company’s project experience and professional history, while your Twitter account can best be used to announce major changes, important dates and events where the message can be shared more succinctly. Instagram and Youtube are two platforms where your creative side can flourish by posting behind the scenes content, Q&A videos, highlight reels from your latest project, video promotional content advertising services or products sold through your company, and more. 

4. Offer Select Discounts and New Promotions

Excite your clients and intrigue new audiences by sharing select discounts and occasional promotions for your video production company’s services. In addition to enticing customers to continue soliciting your business, offering special discounts or occasional promotions will encourage your clients to keep track of your social media postings so as to not miss any offerings. Offer college students special rates for video services they may require during the graduation season. Make a limited time offer for small businesses to have their first promotional video produced by your business at a competitive rate. Host giveaways for a reduced price video shoot through a social media competition. The sky is truly the limit and you have the option to cater your promotions and discounts to target audiences depending on your business strategy. This can also be a strong method to acquire the business in a particular market that you have been hoping to grow into; if your company is trying to get hired to produce real estate video content, run an online marketing campaign across your social media promoting discounted rates or a referral program to draw in realtors to solicit your services. These special discounts and promotions will continue to bring in new clients for your company and help build up your portfolio. You can also use this as an opportunity to receive professional reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Many video production websites feature testimonials such as these on their websites and are often shared to social media, which can boost the credibility and favorability of your business. 


After successfully finishing new projects found through a social media campaign, you will have a host of fresh content to display across your website and social media. 


5. Start a Blog/Vlog on Your Website  

A quick look into popular videography websites in your area will reveal that most have a regularly posted-to blog; get ahead of the curve by playing to your visual strengths and posting video content along with all blog posts on your website. Provide straightforward titles for your blog posts and helpful illustrations to raise the interest of your readers. Be creative as you would like in your writing style as you blend anecdotes, factual information, humor and general advice to ensure that your readers connect with your writing and continue to read and comment on your future posts.  


As you start posting regularly, help readers locate topics of interest by sorting your posts by topic categories. Not every post needs to be the same length or writing style, keep readers engaged by blogging about video production topics that matter most to you and your business that you also feel would interest clients. Blogs are not only a method to gauge your audience’s interest in videography topics but also a place to promote your production work! 

With your video production company on the rise now is the perfect time to try out digital marketing to make a lasting impression with new clients and previous business contacts. As you and your company keep innovating and providing quality professional video production services, you will benefit greatly from a focused digital marketing campaign. Following the tips in this article will help you to advertise your business to allow for the greatest possible reach of an audience interested in video production services. Video production services growing popularity means you will have your hands full with running your business meaning it is all the more reason to ensure your marketing is thoroughly planned and executed to your vision. Many video production companies choose to partner with digital marketing agencies such as Transpera to meet their personalized marketing needs. Contracting a professional marketing agency to meet your marketing needs will ensure that your video production company achieves its full potential and audience at affordable rates and with quality service.

Ryan Mitchell
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