Wellness Centre Marketing: 5 Tips for Promoting Your Wellness Centre Online

Wellness Centre Marketing: 5 Tips for Promoting Your Wellness Centre Online

Ryan Mitchell

The global wellness industry has become one of the fastest growing economies in the current day, with an estimated $4.2 trillion in 2017. Wellness services, it seems, are simply on offer everywhere; whether it's the personal care, beauty and anti-aging products seen in your local pharmacy and supermarket, the wellness tourism sector that has ballooned in recent years offering quick, affordable wellness retreats, or the fitness and mind-body markets that are inescapable on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, one thing is clear: wellness is here to stay. As the industry has moved online in a major way, it is an opportune time to innovate your wellness centre to establish an online presence and connect with customers and partners in creative ways. This article offers 5 tips to further promote your wellness centre online and support the wellness needs of your clients.

There is an abundance of wellness services everywhere you look online, which can make promoting your centre a challenge without a solid marketing strategy. Advertising your wellness centre online is part and parcel of a modern marketing strategy, with an increasing number of people turning to web based searches, reviews and other digital content, to find and select their next wellness centre. Promoting your fitness centre online is one of the surest ways to engage with your current clientele and attract new members. Aside from traditional marketing strategies to boost membership and keep your clients returning, digital marketing offers innovative solutions to promoting your business.

This article offers several tips for anyone seeking to improve their fitness club's online presence and keep their customers fulfilled.

1. Cross-Platform Advertising

To maximize the visibility of your wellness centre online, it is important to ensure that it can be seen anywhere interested customers may already be browsing. For this reason it is important to maintain your wellness centre's social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as your own official website. Doing so will maximize the possibilities for clients to learn of your business while they are researching wellness centres and services.



Make it easy for clients to find your business by creating multiple social media pages on all of the major social channels. Maintaining consistency of your brand across social media is highly recommended, for clients to recognize and remember your logo, design and actual services. Tailor your brand's uniqueness with memorable and personable designs, motto, and logos to highlight your wellness centre's mantra and key services.

2. Custom Design your Website

Having a well-organized and detailed website is one of the best tools available to promote your business. With a well-designed website for your wellness centre, you can showcase your services, products, promotions, and other relevant information including opening times, contact information, and location address.

There are no limits to how creatively your website can be designed, and there are countless ways to make your site more interactive and personal, catered to your specific audience. Featuring testimonials from satisfied clients is an excellent way to promote your centre through your clients own words. The placement of tabs, links and images on your site are extremely important, as well as the descriptions and content provided on the site.

Communicate the philosophy of your wellness centre with clear-writing, professional fonts and relevant illustrations.


Source: Satari Wellness

A well-designed site with clearly displayed features, a modern design, "clickable links, with videos, maps and more will make a great first impression of your wellness centre to new clients and connect you more deeply to your current ones.

3. Offer Special Rates, Free Trials and New Promotions

Sharing special discounts, free trials and regular promotions at your wellness centre will encourage your clients to follow your social media postings so as to not miss any deals. Get new clients interested in what your wellness centre has to offer by letting new members try the space out for a few sessions.

You may find certain members bringing friends of their to join your wellness centre, encourage this by starting a referral program which many wellness centres have, to increase client satisfaction and turnout. Certain wellness centres even offer special discounts for certain groups including students, seniors, or families, which are offerings that will will accommodate client needs and help boost membership rates.

Take note of what services individuals are drawn to at your wellness centre to find what is most popular, and which could use adjustments for greater success. For example if your yoga studio is always busy while your acupuncture room or spa is struggling, target your promotions and online advertisements to the products and services you think your clients could benefit more from.

Always encourage your customers to provide feedback at your centre, whether anonymously, in-person face to face, or online, in order to find out how to improve your services and cater your wellness business to the needs of your members.


Source: Octopus Garden Yoga

4. Host Workshops and Speaking Events

Hosting speaking events and workshops at your wellness centre is a fantastic way to invite clients into your business and generate interest among your audience who may only know your business through online postings. This is a great way to gain exposure for your business especially if your wellness centre is starting out and still carving its own niche in the wellness market.

For speaking events, look to host wellness influencers, book authors and other wellness figures to share their knowledge of the industry at seminars, lectures and discussion events held at your wellness centre. Advertise these events in advance, as they are likely to be well attended and if planned carefully can greatly bolster attention and interest to your wellness centre. Remind your audience of upcoming speaking events through social media posts, descriptions of the event on your website, or even a blog post connected to the topic or speaker of the event.

Workshops are another popular method of getting clients to spend more time at your wellness centre and encourage their participation in your events. Cater your workshop offerings to your clientele by making family-friendly yoga events, food and health discussion nights, dance evenings and more to appeal to the diverse interests of your members.

Having a wellness centre at your disposal provides you with a perfect venue to host both workshops and speaking engagements which can help make your centre an exciting space for wellness activity and discussion.


Source: Octopus Garden Yoga

5. Start a Wellness Blog on Your Website

Posting regular advice columns, health tips, and other wellness information as a weekly blog on your site is another great way to keep your clients engaged with your wellness centre. Use the diversity of health and wellness topics to your advantage and cover an extensive number of wellness issues to inform you clients on strategies they can adopt to boost their wellness progression, or simply to share advice or provide opinions on wellness-related matters. Blogs can be a space to share healthy recipes, discuss upcoming lectures or events at your centre, book reviews, and more. Learn from your audience what topics garner the most interest and tailor your content to cover new and interesting wellness matters.

This extra content featured on your website will show your dedication to your clients by regularly posting new content and conducting research for articles for anyone to read. Use this opportunity as well to relate the topics covered in your website's blog posts to services and products featured at your wellness centre, though keep the articles informative and free to read.

Blogging lends an additional feature to your website by opening up discussions on wellness topics which you can moderate, and allow for commenting so that clients and curious readers alike can share their own thoughts.


Source: Rosedale Wellness


Source: Clear Medicine

Provide straightforward titles for your blog posts and helpful illustrations to raise the interest of your readers. Be creative as you would like in your writing style as you blend anecdotes, factual information, humor and general advice to ensure that your readers connect with your writing and continue to read and comment on your future posts.

As your wellness centre continues to grow and innovate while you work to improve member satisfaction, continue to find creative ways to promote wellness at your facility. Innovate by offering new services and products while maintaining high quality . A running thread through all of these factors is the importance to advertise your business to allow for the greatest possible reach of an audience interested in wellness. As the wellness industry continues to spread in popularity it is all the more reason to ensure your centre is prepared to stay in the minds of your clients while continuing to attract new members. The benefits of practicing the tips shared in this article are far-reaching, as they are likely to lead into more exposure and greater interest for your wellness centre. Many wellness centres partner with digital marketing agencies like Transpera to meet their personalized marketing needs. Contracting a professional marketing agency will ensure that your wellness centre achieves its full potential and audience at affordable rates and with quality service.

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