Modern SharePoint Development

If your business uses Office 365 then you are already paying for SharePoint Online, why not use it?

We build modern SharePoint apps and features that are customized to meet your business needs and automate your processes.

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New, modern, flexible, and on any device.

This isn't the same SharePoint that you may have seen before.

The new modern SharePoint experience is fast, app-like, works well on phones and tables, but requires a modern development company that knows and understands the modern SharePoint SPFx Framework.

SharePoint Framework

SharePoint on the back-end, your preferred UI on the front-end.

With modern SharePoint development using the SharePoint Framework, you're no longer limited by what SharePoint can do on the back-end.

Modern SharePoint apps are hosted within SharePoint, but run in each user's browser. They connect to SharePoint for security and data, but because they execute in the browser they are capable of doing whatever other common web apps are capable of doing.

Your modern SharePoint apps can be developed using popular UI frameworks such as React, Angular, Knockout, and can take advantage of all that they have to offer. It's a completely different and more modern architecture than what classic SharePoint development used to provide, and it requires a modern and capable web application company to bring out the best in your SharePoint apps.

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