Small Business IT Mistakes: What You Didn't Know Could Haunt You

Small Business IT Mistakes: What You Didn't Know Could Haunt You

Kevin Kembel

The Convenience Trap

Starting a small business is a thrilling journey filled with optimism, innovation, and ambition. However, it's also a path that often leads to overlooking crucial aspects of IT infrastructure.

Small business leaders often make decisions based on convenience, budget constraints, or familiarity during the early stages. But as your company grows, these seemingly harmless choices can morph into ticking time bombs.

In this article, we explore the things that might be keeping small business owners up at night, urging them to rethink their IT strategy and consider partnering with IT experts from day one.


  1. Azure Data Housing: Did you know that as your business expands, your data needs grow exponentially? Storing your valuable data on a platform like Azure can be a smart choice, but without the right setup and security measures, you could be leaving your digital assets vulnerable.
  2. Google Account Security: Your Google accounts may hold a treasure trove of sensitive information, and if not properly secured, they could become a breeding ground for security breaches. Ignoring Google account security could cost you dearly.
  3. Intellectual Property Protection: If your business relies on intellectual property like code, you must have robust internal security measures in place. Imagine an employee or contractor walking away with your code, and you have no way to retrieve it. It's a nightmare scenario that could become a reality without proper safeguards.
  4. Dispersed Code and Files: Are your code and files scattered across various employee laptops? This lack of centralized control and visibility can lead to data loss, security risks, and productivity bottlenecks.
  5. Remote Work Tools: As remote work becomes the norm, having the right tools in place is crucial. Do you have the control and visibility necessary to ensure your remote workforce operates securely and efficiently?
  6. Budget Allocation: Sending employees to buy laptops at Staples may seem cost-effective, but is it the best use of your budget and their time? Efficient IT spending can contribute to your company's growth and success.


The $1-5 Million Revenue Trap


Many small businesses fall into the trap of thinking that IT policies and solutions are only necessary when they reach the $20 million revenue mark. However, this misconception can prove costly.

Here's why:

  • Hodgepodge of Technologies: Over time, businesses accumulate a mishmash of technologies that somewhat integrate. But as you grow, the need for consolidation and security becomes paramount. This is when solutions like Microsoft 365 come into play. Making these changes after the fact is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Internal Security: While external threats are a concern, internal security can be equally critical. When you have multiple copies of proprietary information spread across the globe, it's not just external threats you need to worry about. Millions of dollars could be at stake.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Relying on a patchwork of products and technologies may keep your overhead low in the short term, but it hampers your scalability and efficiency as you grow.


Transpera: Your IT Partner for Small Business Success


Starting and growing a small business is exciting, but it often leads to overlooked IT issues that can become nightmares later. Small businesses often underestimate the importance of setting up their IT systems, infrastructure, and platforms correctly from the beginning. Ignoring these crucial aspects can lead to sleepless nights when unexpected issues arise.

To avoid future IT nightmares, it's essential to start early with an IT partner who can guide you in making informed decisions, securing your digital assets, and ensuring your IT infrastructure aligns with your long-term growth goals.

At Transpera, we help you avoid these challenges from day one. We secure your data on platforms like Azure, ensure Google account safety, and protect your intellectual property. We centralize your data, provide tools for remote work, and optimize budget spending. As your business expands, we guide you in streamlining technologies, enhancing internal security, and boosting efficiency.

With Transpera as your IT partner, you can confidently pursue your business dreams, knowing that your IT foundation is secure, scalable, and aligned with your growth goals. Remember, your business dreams may be big, and with the right IT strategy, they can become a reality without the haunting specter of IT mishaps.

Start your journey the right way with Transpera, and rest easy knowing your digital assets are in safe hands.

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Kevin Kembel

Kevin Kembel
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