Hardware matters.

It's OK to judge a computer by its cover.

"Good enough" rarely is, and what you save up-front usually ends up costing more in the long-term.

Your IT infrastructure is important, don't settle for an off-brand solution. Transpera partners with quality hardware providers to be sure that the equipment and solution we're recommending isn't just going to work well, it'll also last.

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Dell Partner

We're a Dell Partner.

We demand the best, so does Dell.

As a Dell partner, we can get you discounts and deals not available to regular customers, making the best equipment affordable.

Tell us what equipment you'd like to get, and whether we help install it or not we will make sure you get a great price.

Wireless that works.

Smarter simpler networks.

A good, stable wireless connection can provide a lot of convenience and flexibility that isn't always available when a wired connection is required. Transpera is an Open Mesh partner, we specialize in designing and installing wireless mesh networks to provide stable and fast wireless coverage to any size of building and business.

Open Mesh technology combines multiple access points together in a self-healing encrypted mesh network with automatic failover.

  • Flexible mounting for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Cloud connected for remote monitoring and management.
  • Secured and isolated Guest WiFi options, with tokens.
  • Remote update scheduling for minimal disruption and maximum security.
  • Automatic failover when one node fails.
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