Supporting Calgary Small Business in October

Supporting Calgary Small Business in October

Vince Derayunan


It’s Small Business Month in October. We want to take time to recognize the importance of
Calgary small businesses in our communities. 

There are nearly 160,000 small business owners in Alberta alone. They employ almost 40 per cent of private-sector jobs in the province and contribute $30 billion annually to our provincial GDP. We need them.

As we celebrate Small Business Month, we encourage everyone to visit their local small business in order to support their community.

How can we support small businesses this year?

Spend your money with businesses you feel most passionate about.

Invest in our local communities by supporting friends, neighbours, and small business you admire but perhaps haven't purchased from yet.

Let your cash do the talking! Skip the mega retailers like Amazon, and head out and about in your neighbourhood to check out and speak with small business owners about their products and services! You'll have more fun, make new friends, and get a great return on investment too.

If you want to make an impact locally, start with small steps.

Spread the word generously about small businesses in your community with others in your network. Be generous with those that are most generous – Locally owned companies tend to be more philanthropic than their big box competitors.

In fact, small businesses are twice as likely to give back to the community than their big box counterparts. They’re more likely to donate to local charities and they often support other local companies or sponsor local events, all of which have significant cultural impact on our communities.

Small businesses are also typically better at creating local jobs because they don't have to compete with large corporations who offer lower wages.

Pay it forward by being generous with your praise to friends and families, send them that referral!

If you're impressed, leave a review. Don't underestimate the power of a glowing review.

Take a moment to think of small businesses near you that you frequently visit, or that you've always admired. Look them up on a directory listing or social media and write a brief review or click 5 star rating.

The ripple effect can be huge for business owners. Your review tells others that they can trust this business and that their goods and services are high quality.

Reviewers are an essential part of any small business. Your positive feedback can even help business owners to better understand what their customers love about their business, and what you think makes their product or service great! Take 30 seconds out of your day and show small businesses love with a quick rating or comment.

Start your own small business! You can't go wrong by starting a business in your city.

There are plenty of ways to start a business - from retail shops to restaurants to even service industry jobs.

There are also plenty of reasons to start a small business. But if you're looking for an excuse, there's no better one than "I want to help people."

Locally owned businesses provide local labour, local tax dollars, and create significant economic injections into their local communities allowing them to thrive.

If you want to start a business, there’s no better place than Calgary. 95% of businesses in Alberta are small businesses, a huge driving force of our economy. 

Small business owners need a great team around them.

Small business owners have unique business needs.

Especially when it comes to IT services, business owners often find themselves needing a dedicated IT team. They may want to consider outsourcing their local IT support if they're not confident with technology. Hiring a Managed IT services company who understands their business but doesn't require full-time salaries can mean all the difference.

Small business owners in Calgary often face constant IT problems. They don't have enough free hours in their day to troubleshoot and take 30 minutes on the phone to resolve an issue.

That's why we offer senior IT technicians with over ten years of experience. They're able to resolve most IT issues in less than 24 hours, and business clients receive an answer within five (5) minute of any request.

Even big problems get solved quickly, because Transpera doesn't outsource our technical assistance to a foreign country. Instead, we keep our robust team staffed by people who live and breathe technology every day, and who live and work in our communities - just like it should be!

Supporting and celebrating the hard work and contributions of small business owners in Calgary has always been an important part of the IT Services and Web Development we do with our clients. Transpera offers plenty of services available that can help small businesses with their technology needs.

Desktop Support

Our 24/7 Desktop support ensures everyone within the business who needs tech support has access to one person they can reach when they need help. Transpera gets them quick assistance to the team that drives your business.

Server Maintenance

Our Managed IT Services can include the maintenance and support of existing server infrastructure, or management of a business' cloud computing needs.

Network Infrastructure

The online business network is the foundation that a small business and its systems are built on. Transpera will make sure that business owners have a network that is stable and fast, ensuring it can support all of your other IT services.

Project Management

Upgrades and new projects often provide the largest value for small businesses that are growing fast, and we are ready to help business owners in Calgary plan and implement the solutions that benefit you the most.


Business owners know to expect the unexpected. Disaster can strike at any point, and is sometimes beyond your control. Our Managed IT Services can protect organizational data so local businesses are better prepared for the unexpected.


The online and digital world is full of danger. Companies need to protect staff, client information, and proprietary company data from the daily attacks that target small business IT infrastructure and private data.

If you know of a small business in Calgary that needs ongoing IT support, you can help support our local business as well by telling them about Transpera's Managed IT Services!

We're here to help businesses grow with technology.
How are you planning to support small business this October?

Vince Derayunan

Vince Derayunan
Transpera Technologies