Remote Work is Changing. Microsoft Teams is Ready, are you?

Remote Work is Changing. Microsoft Teams is Ready, are you?

Derrick Bower

Remote Work Is Changing

As expectations change around where employees work, the tools that enable their work also need to be reviewed and updated. Working from home, remote, or hybrid presents its own unique set of challenges that need to be considered. Even for staff that are expected to work in the office, they may be expected to collaborate and communicate with employees that are not.

If you’ve done research and looked around, you’ll notice that there are a lot of options out there today for enabling remote work and keeping communication quick and easy for your team. But, very few platforms and tools can do-it-all, and it can be frustrating to have a whole suite of tools that your teams need to learn, implement, and continue to maintain and use.

If you aren’t using Microsoft 365 (Office) already, you will want to take a serious look at it. The main appeal is for account security, user management, and email. But along with the license for those basic tools, you also get access to a whole productivity suite that can solve a lot of other challenges at no additional cost.

Using the licenses you already have, in an ecosystem that you already have deployed for email and account management, can limit the amount of additional tools your team has to learn as well as reduce costs on unnecessary licenses.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an online meeting platform enabling quick and efficient communication. With so many working remotely, Teams allows chat, video, screen sharing and collaboration. Since Teams is part of most Microsoft 365 licenses, it is a useful tool to take advantage of; it integrates with other Office 365 applications and is a wonderful collaboration platform.


Teams allows one on one and group chats. You can with chat with colleagues, share your screen, or promote a chat to a phone or video call.


Interactive online meetings with video and chat bring together participants. Teams meetings are easy to join from a variety of devices and platforms. You can invite anyone with an email address to join a Teams meeting. For times when video is not available, participants can dial into a meeting with Audio Conferencing.


Teams allows participants to create documents, share and edit them together in real time. This is done by placing documents into a shared file space, where you can be confident that everyone is working on the latest version of a document, making collaboration seamless.


Team projects can be created and organized. This can be done for an entire organization, a department, a project, or group. If working with teams outside your organization such as contractors or consultants, guest access allows those outside your organization to participate and collaborate right along with you.

Peace of Mind

Privacy and Security Controls Meeting Options allows you to decide who can join a meeting. Participants can join meetings directly, or wait in the lobby until someone lets them in. Meeting organizers can also remove participants from a meeting if necessary. A meeting organizer can also designate roles for presenters and attendees, giving control over who has the ability to present content.

Identity and Security Protection Multi-factor authentication protects your identity and account information. Secure guest access allows users to collaborate with individuals outside their organization, while protecting access to their data, enabling safe collaboration.

Data Protection Teams data is encrypted. Data Loss Prevention prevents sensitive information from accidentally being shared with others. Sensitivity labels allow you to regulate who can access a team by controlling privacy. Advanced Threat protection helps users protect from malicious software hidden in files.

We are here to support you!

We can help you on your journey to Microsoft Teams through managed support services. Teams is a wonderful tool to use in the workplace and with more remote work happening it has rapidly become a vital tool. As your IT provider we configure and support your organizations’ Teams and related applications, onboarding users where you can begin using Teams to enhance possibilities for your organization. There are many expanding features of Teams as well as integrations: Teams phones, Teams Rooms, School organizations and Documentation management are just some examples. Let Transpera assist your company’s Teams transition.

Derrick Bower
Derrick Bower
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